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Power boat skippers at Keighley Tarn Power boats and scale model craft are sailed on Redcar (Keighley) Tarn by KDMES members. The best time to visit is Saturday afternoon, when Power Boat club members usually meet. 
Scale boat on water The boats vary greatly from fast power boats to highly detailed models gliding serenely across the water. As the lake is not used for drinking water then craft powered by electric, steam and internal combustion engines are sailed here. 
Redcar Tarn from Black Hill Lane Redcar Tarn (also known as Keighley Tarn) can be found on Black Hill Lane on the road from Keighley to Whitley Head. There is free parking next to the road, and the lake has a path round the edge, so even if there is no one sailing you can still have a pleasant walk.  

The sailing of model craft on Redcar (Keighley) Tarn is governed by Bradford Metropolitan District Council. 

Boats powered by wind, steam, or electric may be sailed by anyone at anytime.

Craft powered by an internal combustion engine  are subject to strict regulations laid down by BMDC.

    Click here for a document covering the regulations.


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